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The LBA Portal

Ron Douglas had a vision that he could help more businesses than he was. LBA was created to help as many small businesses across North America.

"Local Business Assist Breaks ALL the Rules!!"

Never before has there been a business training program that is supported and backed by local community governments as well as taught to all that are willing to learn. Never before has so much business knowledge been available in one location. Not only will you get the needed training to open and run a business, but you also get forums, immediate support, and sense of community.

Unique Features

Dedicated community

We are firm believers that the fastest way to help yourself is to help someone else.

Exclusive Interviews

Setup one on one sessions with our team to help you personally work through any problems.

Instant Online Assistance

Not only can you have access to a wealth of knowledge you can have questions answered immediately.

Begin your business journey

Ron and the team at LBA are of a different mindset. We believe that the fastest way to help yourself is to help someone else. With that in mind your business journey will begin with a fully trained staff to help you, a forum community that is willing to answer and help, and if that isnt enough you can ask any business question and get an answer within minutes!

Join our community and see how much easier running a business is when we all work together!.

Plan, organize, crunch the numbers

Whether you have a new idea for a business or seasoned entrepreneur we help you plan our your next moves for solid growth.

Nobody is 100% organized. We will help you organize your business and remove unnecessary and monotonous tasks.

Keeping an eye on your numbers is crucial to your success. We explain what to watch for and how to improve them.

Growth, Profit, Success

We all love growth, but not all growth is good growth. We show you the difference and how to stay in the positive growth category.

Profits are wonderful, and the lifeblood of the whole company. We help you increase them and help keep you from losing.

Success is what we are all here to achieve! Follow along and support others with their successes as well as enjoying your own wins!

Take the first steps to achieve your business goals better and faster

Benefit from others experience and knowledge, learn how to make wiser business decisions helped by passionate mentors, and turn your dreams into successful outcomes.

Ron Douglas


Just a few days before first reporting for military duty, Ron Douglas broke his back at the age of eighteen while racing a car on the street. Paralyzed from the waist down, he refused to give up and spent many sleepless nights just trying to get his toes to move. Six months later Ron was walking again and nearing a full recovery. This experience set the tone for the “not giving up” attitude he has carried with him throughout his life. By nineteen Ron was a Prison Guard and by age twenty he had been promoted to the Riot Team. He had the experience of working Death Row for a short time as well. This gave Ron quite an interesting perspective on life! Finding himself in a financial pinch while working at the prison, Ron took on a second job at a junkyard.

After building several companies which each reached over a $1 Million in sales in 12 months, Ron has proven he has the know-how and skills - - and he's now offering his expertise to company leaders & entrepreneurs who want help taking their businesses from zero to six figures in six months or less.

Whether you are building a new online start-up, or working to build a brick & mortar business, Ron Douglas has been in your shoes. Now, in personal coaching circles, Ron shows participants how to double, triple, or even quadruple their revenue in12 months.


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  • For those supported and encouraged by their local authorities
  • Unlimited access to all the courses and portal's special features
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$399 year

  • For those already established, but who need more professional support to grow their business
  • Courses for solving complicated and tricky problems
  • Dedicated forum and instant support lines
  • Unlimited access to all portal's features
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Find the answers to your business problems

Join your local community fellow entrepreneurs, share your hurdles, seek for solutions and celebrate your successes together.